I wonder if I will miss Texas?

Miss Lone Star Adventure

I was talking to a man who commented on our journal today.  He lives in the Philippines with his wife and moved there in 2010.  He misses Texas and plans to return someday.  I have been dreaming about living on my boat in the Caribbean so much I guess I never stopped to wonder how much I will miss Texas when I leave.  I love Texas and all that is here.  I’ve always loved its history and pride.  I like the sense of security I have here and the rule of law that is present where I live.  Texans are fiercely independent and are notoriously stubborn.  Just like me.

My wife and I have decided to take a lot of Texas with us on our journey.  We are taking a packing a few nice things that will make it to our home in the US Virgin Islands one day.  I am definitely taking my smoker and I have a good feeling that we will make fast friends with a lot of great people.  Not just for the ample bar-b-q’s at our home.  I love smoked salmon.  I wonder how the Caribbean fish will smoke?  We are both excited to learn some new Caribbean cooking styles and incorporate them into our own styles.  Image having some 24 hour smoked brisket with a side of fresh lobster.  That won’t suck.

I feel good that we are taking a long time to travel before settling down.  We don’t have a time-table and we may end up going anywhere the trade wind blows us.  We may stay for a while, if we like it.  Who knows.  I was looking at some of my new cruising guides and I see that a lot of Captains take sailboats from Florida to the US Virgin’s in 30 days or so.  That amount of time gives an extra 10 days to spend here and there.  That cursing schedule breaks down to about 25 miles per day.  I was day dreaming about maybe taking Miss Lone Star all the way down to South America.  I’m both that thrilled about spending a while lot of time in Venezuela but along the coast would be OK with me.  Anyone who know me would understand that I am a nut.  I might just take a left turn at the Panama Canal.  I do long to see Coast Rica and some of the other areas in Central America.  I guess only time will tell where we go on our adventure.

It has become apparent to me that if anyone was going to take a boat to the Caribbean with no schedule or location intended, it would be a Texan.  I am pretty sure that we have a lot of Texas friends who will come to visit us.  I can name  a few others from the rest of the US who would want to make a visit.  I wish I had a friend in the US Virgin Islands.

I am going to miss country dancing.  I have grown to love it and have spent a lot of time all over spinning my girl around.  I guess I can take that with me.  I know that I am going to take Mr. Johnny Cash with me everywhere I go.  I image he has been to the Caribbean before.  I’m taking two of my cowboy hats.  Aubrey and I have decided to take our boots with us on the boat.  Texans are funny.  I guess that means I need some jeans too.  The list goes on.

I will miss hunting pigs, deer and birds.  I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t thought about shooting one of those swimming Caribbean pigs.  I love delicious pigs and think there might be an over-population problem.  In fact, I am almost sure of it.  I will miss barbecued quail legs.  Seagull probably won’t be the same but who knows.  Rednecks are funny like that.  We will try almost anything once or twice.  I will miss football games.  I will miss riding my Harley all over Texas.  I will definitely miss taking long distance trips to Nashville or the South.  I am taking my bike to the Island.  I know it seems a little different because St. Croix is only 27×8 miles.  Oh, well.  I can’t give up everything.  I have decided the Harley will be my transportation and also a great way to save on gas.  I noticed that the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post on the island has some rides but many of the people don’t ride Harley.  You don’t see that much in the states but having a motorcycle on a small island is a luxury in itself.  I try not to think about the fact I sold my beloved Ford Truck with a lift and 35 inch wheels.  I won’t need it there and it got ridiculous gas mileage after I lifted it.  Oh well.

For now, I am happy with the idea that I am taking enough of what I love on my journey.  I hope I won’t miss Texas too much.  I think I will have good feelings every time I look at my boat and see her name Miss Lone Star.

Captain of the Miss Lone Star

Captain of the Miss Lone Star

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