The Small Things

Last night my dear husband came home with a dozen roses, this is a small thing in the scheme of wonderful things he does for me on a weekly basis, but non the less while photographing the beautiful roses as they lay in our stainless steel sink dripping with a bit of water, I began to think about what I categorize as a “small thing” and why? I think the fact that this is both Robb and I’s second marriage plays a large part in how much we pay attention to each others needs and creates the desire within both of us to dance the carefully choreographed waltz that is a marriage. Stumbling through young relationships referencing in our mind all of the fairy tales that our mother’s read to us as we drifted to dream land, we were left holding our current relationships in comparison, our expectations leaving us feeling a bit cheated.  The lesson I have come to learn from this is that the more you stop and realize that the little things are what fill our cup one drop at a time, leaving it running over with love and admiration for our partner.Red Roses I spent a portion of my life in my early twenties living in Orange County, California, some of the most beautiful sunsets and glorious beaches are just right there, but still I find there is an immense amount of unfulfilled people. This fact in my mind has been further cemented the well coined saying  “you cannot fill that hole in your heart with things”. As each day passes our family has been removing things from our home that encumber us and tie us to our old land dwelling consumer lifestyle. It’s the small things that have been filling our hearts with joy lately, this has been a huge life lesson for me. I’ve come to  learn that what makes my heart sing is my children watching and giggling at mommy trying her best to learn the two-step in the front entrance of our home, with the man we all love so much. Bianca butts in and Robb takes turns dancing us. I know that these will be the moments she remembers when she looks back on her childhood, not unwrapping that iPad that we bought her last year.

I’ve read a lot of articles about the difficulty of living in such cramped quarters on a small vessel with your spouse. I have faith that we will be more than fine, but as for the kids I think that the fact that the “master bedroom” is separated from the kids living quarters by a curtain may leave them traumatized.

The First Mate of Miss Lone Star

The First Mate of Miss Lone Star

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