Please Don’t Come to St. Croix

Christensted, USVIOur Jeep is priceless.  We’ve driven one hundred miles in two days and found the island of St. Croix to be beautiful.  It’s people are warm, happy and content.  We’ve ventured more than most but we are about to go out again in a few moments.  I wanted to take this time to tell potential visitors not to come.  I am astounded that we have been alone on most of the beaches that we have found.  We look for several miles in each direction to see only the beauty that this island provides.  It is hard to believe that places like this still exist where big passenger planes land.

We ventured to North Shore, Cane Bay and across the island through the rain forest yesterday.  We drove on wonderful roads, for the most part.  We happened into an amazing BBQ spot for lunch and Aubrey chased huge lizards until I told her it was time to go.  She pouted.  We hiked down a wash to find the beautiful coastline.  We stopped to get a cup of juice from Bernard, who we met at his roadside stand. He cut us some sugar cane and we both loved it.  Good people are around us and it makes us happy.

We found an interesting building that was in a state of disrepair.  It was rusted, peeled and very old.  We photographed from inside.  We were interrupted by some guys who were cleaning up some thorn bushes from the front.  After visiting with them for a while we continued to photograph until they suggested that they get into the shot.  We had a great talk with them and ventured out for more sights.


We drove on the North Shore until it ended and then ventured west through the rain forest to capture the sunset.  Man, what a sunset it was!  We drove back in the dark, retracing our old path and ended up at a dinner place in Cane Bay.  We heard beautiful music and couldn’t resist the smell of food.  I think that almost ten minutes passed as we drove without seeing another car on the road.  I love this island!

I was kidding about not coming.  I can’t believe that more people aren’t here.  I wish I found this island sooner!  With that, I will sign off for the day.

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