1200 Images From St. Croix, USVI


West Beach, St. Croix, USVI

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We travelled far and wide to see all of the beauty of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.  I am still in awe of all that we saw.  My poor wife has the monumental task of editing a lot of these little beauties.  I’m glad that isn’t my thing!  We are so excited to get on our boat and continue exploring the Caribbean.  I can happily say that the little island of St. Croix could happily be our home someday soon.

I had good intentions to at least post images while we were in the middle of our visit, but obviously I failed.  My handwritten journal entries also suffered during those sunny days.  I think we are both tired because we left on the later flight and got back to Houston at 11:15PM.  I booked our flights there to save a few bucks and had to deal with the additional three-hour drive back to Austin.  It was my luck that not one gas station was open to serve me coffee.

It is great to be home to see the kids and sleep in our bed.  Austin is awesome but it is no island in the middle of the Caribbean.  I enjoyed driving on the island and found the roads to be better than I heard.  I would ride my Harley on 90% of the paved stuff we explored.  I enjoyed the slow speed limits and 35 MPH felt really fast when we let the horses run.  We travelled 250 miles in our rental Jeep during our ten days and used 3/4 a tank of $3.65 per gallon gas.  I think the rental car was a good decision and allowed us to see much more of the island than people confined to several of the towns.  We met a couple who was back for their second visit and already purchasing a second home.  They hadn’t been to most of the island.  We met lots of people who had relocated from the mainland and loved the island.

I was a little intimidated of the 75 MPH speeds back in Texas and throughout it was strange that we had to drive 170 miles just to get back home.  I felt like I was driving at mach speeds and found myself slowing down.  I didn’t have any mishaps of driving on the left side of the road, thankfully.  I pictured a conversation that I might have with a cop and I don’t think it would’ve gone over that well.  Texas gas was $1.67 per gallon.  The two places have very little in common.  So many things that are reality on the mainland don’t seem to make sense to me anymore.

4 thoughts on “1200 Images From St. Croix, USVI

  1. Does this mean your adventure is over? By the way, your photos are all superb. Would you mind sharing what type of equipment these images are created with (camera model? lenses?, etc.?).
    Love the posts.


    • Our adventure is just about to begin. We are outfitting our boat to live aboard for a year or more. We went to STX on a pre-move visit to check things out. We will be headed out to many different Caribbean islands, which are hopefully deserted for the most part. The images were taken with Canon 5D,6D bodies.We used the following lenses: 16-35, 70-200, 100MM, 50 and a few others. We packed more than were used. lol


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