St. Croix Ground Lizard

The Protestant Cay was teaming with these small lizards, of course I scooped one up to investigate their “teeth situation” as I like to call it. As I lean in to take a closer look, this older man who was also visiting said “You know the little guy is endangered?”. I thought he was pulling my leg, I set the little guy down on the brick wall where I found him and went on to capturing other things.Saint Croix Ground LizardWhat would you know, when we got home and I was looking through our images I decided to look him up. Ameiva Polops JuvenileĀ critically endangered! Once indigenous to St. Croix, they were almost wiped out by the introduction of the indian mongoose in the 1880s. They have since been trying to introduce them to other islands. In 2008 57 individuals were introduced to Buck Island, which is a beautiful nature preserve.

Check out his GREEN eye!


The First Mate of Miss Lone Star

The First Mate of Miss Lone Star

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