A few scraps from the old Blog

The Puppy and the Giant Seedless Watermelon

Our brave fearful puppy Zara is a one year old German Shepherd, and my newest Schutzhund Prospect. She is full of curiosity and tries her hardest to be the  bold fearless dog that she is dressed as, after all she is a part of the household K9 unit. Every night Zara is put to bed in her crate in the upstairs playroom and let out every morning when I wake up at six am. Otherwise she would be up barking at her shadow and the crickets in the grass.

On one particular morning it took me just a little bit longer to get the kids out of bed, and as we are starting down the stairs, we hear Zara fiercely barking, in full “protect” mode.  I hurry down the stairs to find her barking into an unlit corner of the room. I switch on the light to find a watermelon. As the “assailant” becomes more clear to our heroic dog, she is worked up even more growling and barking.

I walk over to the watermelon to pat it and show her that it’s okay, we will not be consumed by the scary green melon. The moment the Melon is in motion Zara’s tail is tucked and she’s running for the hills. By this time the whole family is in on the action and laughing uncontrollably . We finally had to push the puppy out of the door and past the watermelon, her feet and claws trying to grip the hardwood floor, like a cat trying to avoid  it’s annual bath in the kitchen sink. She was truly terrified.

This got me thinking about all of the “melons” in my life. The things that seem so silly when you just take a few steps back, bring it to  the light and see them for what they really are. A Giant Seedless Watermelon

I am lucky enough to live close enough to my daughter’s elementary school to walk her to her class room in the morning. This is a great time for me to hear her thoughts on life and the world around us. It’s amazing to me how fast their little minds pick up the details around them. Today when we were walking to school Bianca and I were talking about her new friends at school and how she would like to have a playmate this weekend, when a man drove by and threw a plastic bottle front he window. Bianca see’s this and shouts out towards the car “It’s not nice to glitter!!” She looks up at me in her little purple dress and says “mom if people glitter the earth it won’t be beautiful for me when I grow up, nobody likes trash on the ground”

I didn’t correct her. Why would I? I think I will start looking at the trash in the world as some sort of glitter. Everybody loves glitter.

The First Day of School

The first day of school was today and when I say the first I mean the very first. Kindergarten. My first child to start the mandatory school system. It’s crazy to seem so lost as a mother gathering school supplies and finding your way to the correct classroom with your little mini me. I spend no less then 30 minutes starring at the school supply area in Target yesterday hoping I was getting the right construction paper and that she would feel confident in the new pair of shoes I had in my hand. I tried to think back to my first day of school, the memory of my first day popped into my head just like it was yesterday. I remember the smell of the old portable building and my teacher Mrs. Loots dressed from head to toe in purple. I wondered if Bianca would remember her first day of school in twenty-five years the way I do, or if it would be a blur of Crayola and new friends.

Last night we sat in her room and talked about what it would be like to be a big girl in kindergarden. She asks me what she would wear when she woke up, I pointed to the outfit we had just laid out. It was a denim dress and rainbow polkadot tights. She said “But Mommy, when I wake up I’m going to be as big as an adult and that won’t fit me… you know, because I’ll be in Kindergarden”. I tucked her in and told her that we would see if it still fit her in the morning (it did).

I power walked home in daze, with my giant camera patting me in the back with every step. Did I take enough pictures (the photographer in me says, no), did I linger in the hall as long as I should have? All of the “mom guilt” swirled around in my head, until the moment I reached the front door and my two year old son greeted me with a big dino roar. I take him to his toddler class where he has only been enrolled for a mere 3 days. I open the door and he runs in, barely even turning around to say goodbye, as he makes a mad dash to the basket full of dinosaurs. What will I do with this day…?

Spelunking – Inner Space Cavern

Being new to Texas we thought it would be fun to go and check out the local tourist attractions. I didn’t know this but there tare thousands of caves in Texas, this cave was discovered while the were building I35. I talked to Blake about visiting a cave. Let me just tell you if are a two year old boy then cave equals bears. Here he is above getting a big hug for courage before we entered the cave and faces “the bears”

They had a special place for the kids to touch the (slimy) stalagmite which the kids really enjoyed.  We were even able to see bones from the ice age, very cool considering this place is so close to Cedar Park! Who would have thought! When we reached the most inner part of the cave the guide told us that they have about three weddings a year down there in the can. You never know, maybe I will be photographing a wedding down there someday in the near future.

The tour was a little over a mile and took about an hour and a half and was totally worth the walk. The kids did great and there was a really cute area to have a picnic right out side the caves.

I love this image of Blake below: noticing the “teeth” growing from the ceiling for the first time. It was so nice getting out of the Texas heat and touring in the cool air of the inner space caves

Check out all of the awesome tours they have to offer at: http://www.innerspacecavern.com .  We will defiantly be visiting again!

Turtle Time

Today we caught a Florida soft shell turtle at lake Travis, that is smaller than a  silver dollar.  We looked him up and found that he likes a tank full of soft sand and likes to eat worms and other bugs. Blake and Bianca had so much fun adding shells and sand to a deep (chip) bowl to create a perfect little terrarium  for him.

We decided to name him “Tucker the Turtle” 

Some kind of butterfly on the front yard lawn…

I think this little butterfly was on her final flight, because she didn’t really try to get away. The kids loved this so much I think that we are going to buy one of the butterfly kits where you can raise them from caterpillars. You can check them out here  http://www.insectlore.com/butterfly-garden. We will be ordering one this week and will keep you updated on our worm growing progress!

Catching Turtles in a local pond..

We absolutely love catch (and releasing) local critters. There is nothing like getting an up close and personal look:) People always ask us “how we do it” and we tell them that just like with anything good you have to be fully committed. Here we are below at a little pond behind an HEB food market, on this day we caught twelve turtles and had a turtle race back down to the pond. We have some of this on video, I am brushing up on my movie editing skills… so stay tuned.

One of our First Stops in Austin.

What kid doesn’t like ice cream..?

Amy’s Ice cream Shop!

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