Liberate with Less Laundry

Less laundry equals more playtime, for Mom that is. I’m standing in the living room staring at a mile high pile of laundry,( just a weeks worth) and I am trying to imagine what it is going to look like living with out a washer and dryer on our boat with TWO small children. I went upstairs to the main offender’s room,  and I grabbed Bianca’s 30 pound hamper that was over flowing with 3 days of “dirty clothes” in it, and headed to the laundry room. D94A5848-EditI noticed a few things, first that little turkey hadn’t even worn a good portion of them for more than 15 seconds while choosing what the fashion statement of the day would be! The next thing I noticed was that half of the clothes that I had seen her wear to school (filth wise), were in pretty good shape. How on earth am I going to keep these kids from running around naked on the docks of the Caribbean with only enough clothing to fill their small shared locker (or “closet” to landlubbers). What I was looking at in Bianca’s hamper represented all that we would have space for on the boat, and this was just a couple of days worth.

We are going to need to learn now how to be liveaboards or we are going to be in for a big shock I think.

So I’ve come up with a plan, it’s a three-step process I learned as a bachelorette, in order to avoid as much laundry as possible one must do these things:

  1. The smell test – I think living on the boat in close quarters might cause us to want to be slightly conservative on this issue
  2. Presentation Ask yourself “If I wear this will people think I am homeless”
  3. If the answer is yes to step 2:  “Is this frowned upon anywhere we will be going today?”

If the clothing in question, flunks 2 out of the 3 tests then you may put it in the hamper, if not you will wear it until it fails 3 out of 3!

My parenting quest over the next couple weeks with Blake and Bianca is going to be, to cut down on our laundry loads… I will  mention to them that they will be helping save the planet, leave water for the dolphin’s (they are little environmentalist) and save a little bit of Mom’s energy for more playtime(which “Who cares about Mommy anyway? “That lady works for me!!” – Bianca)!

Hide and seek

Cheif Stew Bianca

Cheif Stew Bianca

2 thoughts on “Liberate with Less Laundry

  1. I have 7 children. When they were young, I found that we could travel indefinitely if each child had only 2 “bottoms” and 4 “tops.” All four tops had to go with both bottoms. They only got 4 pairs of underwear too because I washed everything that was dirty each night before going to bed. If we had access to a washer, great! But even with 7 kids I could do the laundry in the kitchen or bathroom sink and then hang it up to dry overnight. The great thing is that when you’re traveling, you’re seeing different people all the time so no one knows you are wearing the same clothes over and over!


    • Oh my gosh that is so true! I didn’t even think about that aspect. I really love the 2 bottoms 4 tops idea! Bianca and Robb are clothes horses… I thought about how I will wash laundry on the boat and I was wondering if it would be possible to do it in the sink. I’m going to give it a whirl. Congratulations on having 7 children! I have been campaigning for another, we have 5 together and Robb isn’t on board with the idea (yet). Thank you for the great idea!



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