Marriage is Easy

85mm f/2.8 ISO 160 1/100 sec

85mm f/2.8 ISO 160 1/100 sec

In my experience, a marriage between two people can be as easy or hard as you make it.  I love the closeness of having my best friend as my wife.  I treasure going to bed next to the love of my life and waking up next to her.  Repeat.  I am a lucky guy, in that my wife shares these views and works everyday to make my dreams come true.  It is a true blessing that can be realized in anyone’s life.

I have had many friends who were unhappy in marriage or just wanted to change that last thing about the spouse who irritated them.  I’ve had far too many women pals who wanted to change many of the things that the guy said or did.  I know a lot of people who enjoy having the shoulder that their friend cries on.  Personally, I don’t think complaining about things does much to solve problems.  We have all been in relationships like that and it is never fun.

I think they broke the mold when my sweet Aubrey was born.  I am fortunate to have such an intelligent, happy and level-headed girl in my life.  Life is really great for me and I can say that my “wifey” plays such a big part of my happiness each day.  I certainly don’t think I could live on a boat with another without serious loss of hair or worse.  I noticed as I became secure in our love that I stopped having many dreams.  Of course, I want to get to the Caribbean and experience amazing sights with my family.  I think that these experiences will just add to our already happy and steady life.  Sometimes she asks me, “do you feel loved?”  The voice in my head sounds off, “If you only knew how much!”

Until tomorrow, I am only looking forward to today with my lovely partner and our happy kids.  God Bless.

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