Life on a Deserted Beach

Deserted Beach Coconut with Benchmade Knife

Coconuts taste great when you are on a deserted beach and running out of water!

We wandered to a deserted beach in a turtle preserve on St. Croix for this picture.  Our rental Jeep took us all around the 27×8 mile island this day and we entered the park through what looked like a swamp.  We hiked towards the ocean but we couldn’t see a thing.  I carried all of my snorkel gear hoping for a nice reef but we found the roughest surf with the cloudiest water.  Sadly, there would be no skin diving for me.  We hiked down the beach which was so secluded, it was a great place for a murder.

There was nobody in sight, as far as our eyes could see.  I decided to look around and found some sort of old buried metal deep in the sand.  I was disappointed to find that the treasure had already been taken after I did my best to dig it up.  I spotted a lone coconut tree in the distance and I was happy to find a few nuts hanging from it.  I climbed it and hacked off the nut pictured.  Aubrey seemed surprised that I brought a snack back to her while she was sun bathing.  The breeze was warm and strong out of the south.  I was worried about getting a sunburn on my white body at the time.  I used my favorite Benchmade knife to hack off the top of the nut and it was delicious to eat and drink.

I was so pleased with Aubrey’s reaction, I decided to hike back to the tree and retrieve the remaining nuts.  The tree wasn’t as forgiving for the second visit and I cut myself up a little.  I went full native and used a prop to carry them back to my bride.  She laughed and took my picture.  I think she thought I was crazy.  I was happy to save a few bucks on the nuts and I was happy to be self sufficient.  The sun was starting to get low and we were visited by a federal park ranger.  I was glad that I hadn’t smeared mud all over my body in an attempt to re-enact one of my favorite episodes of Naked and Afraid.  I had considered it more than once.  It was a great day and one that I will probably remember forever.

Deserted Beach with Coconuts

You never know what you’ll find on a deserted beach.

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