ScubaPro A700 with MK25 Regulator System- User Review

I purchased a ScubaPro A700 with MK25 regulator system about six months ago and I wanted to take the time to write a user review. Scuba Dive Master Robb Hamic Travel Caribbean blog liveaboard PADI Diving Vacation trip destination Miss Lone Star Boat I decided to buy this top of the line equipment because I will be diving every day when we are on our voyage in the Caribbean.  I wanted to purchase the best equipment and I needed it to last for a long time.  I also needed gear that was known world-wide for easier service and or repair, if I couldn’t do it myself.  ScubaPro was the answer and I am happy with my decision to purchase.

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My favorite regulator is the Scubapro MK25 / A700!

The regulator system cost me about $800 from my local dive shop, which included a nice discount.  The regulator is very heavy and sturdy.  It is made from solid metal and it features a polished chrome exterior.  It felt like a high quality item even before I used it for the first time.  It is well balanced and has a 360 degree swivel for the first stage.  It has an easy adjustable air flow and it is nitrox compatible.

I found it unbelievably easy to breathe, using this regulator underwater.  Apparently, they added features on this model to allow for easier inhale and exhale.  It was effortless and it also made a lot less sounds in the water than other diver’s gear.  I enjoy the large purge button and found it easy to use with my gloves on.

I was impressed with the MK25 first stage and found that it was designed for all conditions, including ice diving.  While I don’t plan to take my diving to those temperatures, I feel happy that I wouldn’t have to change equipment if I decided to go into the icy depths.

I was happy that the gear had a lifetime warranty and the product registration was easy.  I found the serial number for the first stage on the box and the serial number for the regulator printed under the mouth piece.  I couldn’t find the regulator serial number anywhere else.

This is the link for the user manual.

Caribbean Travel Blog Scubapro mk25/ a700 review

Miss Lone Star is headed to the Caribbean for unlimited diving opportunities!

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