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Look up a few of the exhibits on display before hand, and start reading or telling stories before bedtime to prime their imaginations for what they are about to discover. There are over ten thousand historical children’s stories found here. Having prior knowledge makes us all feel a little more invested in our adventure as we feel we’ve joined someone on theirs.

Scavenger Hunt

My children cannot quite read yet but they are great at matching. Print a few images off of the museums website and let your children hunt down the artifact.

We printed our’s on card stock and wrote the name of each artifact we chose on the back

Our children are young so I punched holes in their cards and attached them to their wrist with a large rubber band. (Also this is a good place to put parent info.. Everybody loses a kid from time to time)


Let them create their own story

Take a journal and find something that interests your child. For my children it was the NASA space suit at the Texas State History Museum. Ask them to make up their own story.

To get the story started I asked my children these questions

What do you think that this suit was used for?

Blake our three-year old answered; “Dinosaur armor.”

Who wore it?

What does it smell like?

Is it heavy?

If you could change it what would you add?


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