Dial 112 From Any Cell Phone For International Emergency Response

Miss lone StarCalling emergency response internationally can be a concern for anyone who travels.

The #112 initiative started in Europe and mania countries joined the system.  This international emergency line is a good travel tip but I found that it is not widely known.  It is important for travelers to have a plan in case of emergency and calling first responders should be on top of the list, in my opinion.

I learned about 112 recently when I completed the Emergency First Responder course provided by PADI.  Divers travel all over the world and need to have access to emergency response in dive emergencies.  We are always traveling to foreign countries and I knew right away that this piece of advice could be used by anyone.

Many foreign countries do not have GPS positioning for calls so it is important for callers to have some sense of location.  Callers should be able to give landmarks, at minimum, to help determine their location.  Remember to keep communications brief because there may be a language barrier and the first concern when calling for emergency response is to get help on the way as fast as possible. Safe Travels.

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