5 ways to keep the Memories not the clutter

tame your kids pile of artIdea

I have been feverishly brainstorming on ways to continue to encourage my children’s love of art while living tiny, on a 37 foot cruiser yacht in the Caribbean.  This is what I’ve come up with so far.

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Portfolio albums

Precious project from school or pieces that have special meaning can be scanned or you can take a picture of your child holding their masterpiece. Bound into hard or soft covered book through a company like mpix.com or blurb. You can order multiple copies and send them as gifts to relatives.Miss Lone star Travel Caribbean

 Teach conservation early.

Keep them creating art in a journal. A month ago I bought my kids brand new journals. Before handing them over, we talked about where paper comes from. I told them that in order to make the paper that they color on, trees from the forest have to be cut down. I spoke to them a your recycling, and it turned out to be a great time for a lesson on our environment. I suggested that on thing they could do to help keep the squirrels in their homes would be to take their time when creating their art, quality is better than quantity. Now they carry around their journal and art supplies just like mommy  for their day-to-day sketches. I also like to write some of their cute quotes and descriptions of their creations. This makes a huge difference in clutter and makes a great keepsake!Art

Smash Book for kids

When most of us think of a smash book we imagine a hot little mess. I do anyway, but really this is a great way for kids to keep many of their “specials” in the same place. Wondering what a smashbook is? It’s sn unplanned and on-the-move . No planning is required for making a smashbook. If there is a journey you want to record in a smashbook, you just start pasting pictures and other items on each page each day. A smashbook is a journal in which one pastes pictures, embellishments, memorabilia et al on the go.

Work in Progress 

Put all work that is quick art in a work in progress bin, and encourage them to add to the works that still have room on them or color or paint on the back. My kids like to cut older pieces of their art up for new montages.kid art2 Think outside the box 

Make mosaics’ out of things in the house or on vacation and take a picture of what they have created. This is a great thing to do with shells, twigs and rocks, after you snap a picture and leave the clutter behind. I imagine this will end up being our art project of choice, living on a boat in the Caribbean where storage isn’t an option.

The First Mate of Miss Lone Star

The First Mate of Miss Lone Star

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