6 Ways To Keep Romance Afloat

I am so happy and thankful that I married my beautiful wife!  I guess it would be stupid for me to say otherwise, right?  Living on a boat, we are a couple who has everyday issues multiplied by tight quarters, stressful situations and endless blue seas.  I think it is important for people to value both the challenges and opportunities that exist in a relationship.  It is easy to let the romance slide after marriage but it is good for the whole family when the couple keeps it afloat!

Keep the Kids Out of it!IMG_0448

Many married couples have pesky kids that get in the way of romance.  We can’t do anything about the fact that we have kids but it is important to keep them out of the love life.  It is also crucial to keep romance and love active in the marriage.  I have many friends who allow kids and especially, kids schedules to over-shadow their entire existence as couples.  Put those little suckers to bed early and spend time with your love!

Take and Make Time if You Aren’t a Zombie

Aubrey and I keep things strait with our love-life and we make it a priority.  We make time for each other every single day.  I take time to listen to her and I make time to listen to her.  I think a lot of men may listen but not taking the time to hear is a huge problem.  I want her to realize that she is my main priority everyday.  I love that she makes me a main priority in her life.  Tension could sink a boat or at least make it miserable between ports.

Show Affection While You Are Still Aliveimage

We have always actively shown our affection for one another and our relationship has benefited from it.  I love the way she perches on my lap at odd times of the day just to deliver a kiss.  I rub her back even when she doesn’t ask me to give her a massage.  From the beginning, we have both continued our affection for each other and didn’t let the “honeymoon phase” wear off.  Everyone knows that coming back from a honeymoon sucks.

Laugh Till it Hurts

Laughter is a natural cure for all things.  We have a lot of things going on, like most people and we always take time to find the hilarity in our lives.  Aubrey asked me to share a funny parenting moment today as I was writing.  Our son had a huge messy poop (once per day requirement around here) and tried his best to clean it from the toilet seat.  Let’s just say he did a horrible job but there was nothing to do but laugh.  I’m sure we will get a giggle about this memory for years to come.

Don’t Let Social Media Make You Lonely

I heard that Facebook was the cause of 30% of all divorces or at least cited in the court pleadings.  I’m sure this statistic doesn’t surprise anyone these days.  Keep social media out of your marriage and in the office where it belongs.  Who cares what someone you don’t know likes or dislikes about something you post.  Most people don’t care about what they say on social media anyway.  I hate seeing couples on a date looking at their iPhones.  I am happy that I have someone more interesting and beautiful to look at than my iPhone.  I will always adore my wife more than a social media page.

F%#! Your Brains OutBedroom on a boat in the caribbean

This one doesn’t need much explanation but it seems that pure passion is absent in most of the relationships that I’ve seen.  I don’t think that either of the partners would’ve chosen it that way but it still persists.  F%#! that!  I treasure the passion that I share only with my wife and I let her know almost everyday.  I think it is stupid for couples to go to a marriage counselor because they want to get passion back in the relationship.  My advice to anyone who is reading is just do it and don’t let anything get in the way of a good time!

I hope this journal inspires anyone to make their relationship better by working on romance in their relationship.  I know that I have had my share of lousy and unaffectionate relationships and it made me miserable!  Seriously, I’ve spent  ridiculous amounts of money for counseling to fix a bad situation than anyone ever should (in two lifetimes).  Years ago, I thought the time and money was completely lost, but I grew to realize bad relationships exist only in the past.  I am happy to say that I learned and moved on.  Romance is an essential part of any good relationship.

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