5 Easy Ways To Spoil Your Wife

It is a good idea to spoil your wife, as it has always been.  I like to spoil Aubrey with my time, love thoughtfulness and small things to let her know I care.  I decided to write this journal because I wanted to give the guys out there a few ideas.  It is easy to lose sight of the little things after getting married but any relationship will fare better with small amounts of thoughtful attention.

Let Her Take Nap

I am happy to say that my wife is taking a nap on the couch right now.  I feel triumphant because I wrangled the normally loud kids into doing quite things so that she can catch up on her ZZZ’s.  I like to set up projects that the kids can do or assign activities for them in areas where the sound doesn’t bother her too much.  It usually works.

Clean The Disheshibiscus flower

This seems simple enough but I know I’ve been guilty of looking at dinner dishes in contempt.  Who wants to clean dishes after making dinner?  I know I don’t and neither does she.  It always surprises me how I hear “thanks” as I am at the sink after dinner.  I hear the tone of her voice change when she speaks and it lets me know that I have done something to make her happy.  It’s not dinner time but I fully intend on doing the dishes tonight to show my appreciation her time in the kitchen.

Wake Up With The Kids

Most kids get up early or at the crack of dawn, if your’s are like my little ones.  I woke up early and before the coffee was done to wake my girl up this morning.  Her hair was a mess so I gave her a quick bath with some added conditioner and brushed her hair.  I’m sure she felt like a little pretty princess and seemed very happy.  We kept the smallest one asleep while we snuck downstairs for a bowl of coffee.  Hmm.  Something is not right.  Maybe I can sleep in tomorrow?

Take The Kids To School

It is a small thing to do but a big pain for a mommy who does it everyday.  We got out of the house on time and my girl and I had a nice talk on the way to school.  I had tome to come home and make a pot of coffee before my lovely wife woke up to find the house in peace and quiet.  I know it made her happy.

Take Your Wife To Fine Art Class

I used this as an example, although I know that most husbands will not go to art class with or without their spouse.  I think it is really healthy for couples to take up a new hobby that they can learn and do together.  Aubrey’s dream was to learn how to draw and paint so I booked us for classes a few months ago.  We go to art class once per week for 3 hours and it gives us a nice break from the week.  I enjoy myself but I can really see that her pleasure comes from me being the only guy in the class.  Her art power is increasing and I think she will soon reward me with a portrait of my dog.  Who knows?

I try to do my part to show my wife that she made a good decision marrying me.  I make up for my bad looks and sometimes snoring by taking lots of little times to spoil her.  I am always looking for new ways to show her that I care so I will ask our readers to share the little ways they like to be spoiled.  I would love to hear from you!

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