Let the Ordinary Inspire You

Although your location might change your passion for photography doesn’t have to. I find that at the beginning of a new travel adventure or before an unusual outing, I am bubbling over with anticipation in hopes of creating new and exciting art through my lens. Though often times after I have settled back into my ordinary life, I put my camera down and start to lose track of all of the beautiful details in my own day to-day life.  I started out years ago as a portrait photographer, which for me meant that most of my images were created in a very controlled environment (my studio), now as I transition into travel and landscape, I find myself having to wait for the moment rather than create it.Miss Lone star travels

So today I decided that I would just carry my camera around all day and just wait and see what moved me, after all this is what I do when I’m traveling. This image above was taken of our son Blake sitting on the floor by the front door. The light  coming through the glass, and I asked him to “smile for Mommy” and what he did instead was much better.

Mulberry Tree Miss Lone Star TravelsWe took a thirty minute walk and I snapped about 15 frames.Reaching to the sky miss lone starFor all of the images shown, I used the Canon 100mm f/2.8 MACRO
Dandy lion miss lone star travels


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