Read the Classics

Take some time and dust off the old classics. Recently Robb and I have gotten into my books from when I was a child (remember these mom?). We just finish The Adventures of Frog and Toad, and the kids were so thrilled with it, we busted out this pretty little stack from my box of “specials”.Miss Lone Star Travels Read books ClassicsWe have started at the top with Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, albeit it’s a little scary for a 3 and 5-year-old, but they are hanging in there like champs. It has been brought to my attention (thanks Dear) that until the children learn how to read, there will be a lot of “are we there yet” while we are under way on our year-long boat voyage thorough the Caribbean and Central America.

So I am doing my best to get these two hooked on books. Robb and I made the choice last year to cut back substantially on Blake and Bianca’s time in front of the “boob tube”, while watching a questionable episode of My Little Pony Princess is Magic. After about five minutes, I immediately stopped wondering where Bianca learned to roll her eyes and say “whatever”. I didn’t think I’d have to kill her for that until she was at least 13 years old!

After we cut back on the TV and iPad time, I was shocked to find, that I have much sweeter and far less sassy kids. I know what you all are thinking, and you are right, at first it is harder because they are underfoot declaring their boredom and protesting the injustice. Trust me it gets easier, just give it time.

Currently Bianca is learning to read, and I cannot wait until the day I can lie in a hammock and have her read Shakespeare while I doze off for a nap. Okay, okay I know that’s pushing it, but I can dream right?

Aubrey Gravitar

Ahh, day dreams…

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