Sink or Swim Update

Soon after my Mom came to visit from California she discovered that her two grandchildren (that are moving aboard a 37′ boat in July) cannot swim. After  she left we enrolled them in a swim class at our local gym. The class at the gym promises to have them swimming in no more than three years, but we signed them up anyway just to get them accustom to the water before they start their swimming “boot camp” at Mrs. Cathy’s Swim in Austin, TX.

Flying Kid

Flying Kid

We have been taking them for group swim for about a month and a half now, and as it should turn out, little miss Bianca is quite the dare-devil! She absolutely loves rough housing in the water with Dad.

Super Girl!!

Super Girl!!

Blake on the other hand, is not so fond of the water. He still refuses to get his face wet and usually cries, as soon as he sees the swim coach, then promptly latches on to her neck like a fearful chimp. In this next swim course we are taking, the idea is to hold the child’s face underwater (I know this sounds awful) and they learn that it’s okay to hold their breath while they kick. I’m pretty sure that Blake is going to hate me forever after his first lesson.IMG_8612 In the end I know “swim boot camp” has to be done, but I truly am dreading the tears! For now I will enjoy my short-lived title “Best mommy EVER”. Miss lone Star travelsBianca is convinced that she is ready for next year’s olympics as the next great Phelps, but for now I think we will have to keep working on blowing bubbles and kicking at the same time.

All Smiles

All Smiles

Want to see a few more of Bianca’s death defying flights click HERE Miss Lone star caribbean

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