Art Class Update

We have been learning so much in our art class, for the last two weeks we have been working with charcoal, and learning “tone”. Our Art teacher Elizabeth is such a talented teacher! Along with her skilled talent in art she has really set forth new and interesting ways to observe the world around us.Miss Lone Star Travels Caribbean

I’m pretty bad when it comes to wanting to just “skip to the good stuff”, but our teacher is really good at slowing us down and reminding us that we are gaining skills to build on, and that we cannot just start slapping paint to canvas if we want to create something worth while.  Surely this principle could (and should) be applied to all parts of our lives. I’m learning that art isn’t just about creating it’s also about escaping to a peaceful place, and letting it all out, much like writing.

Robb and I are really looking forward to the color portion of our art journey and then passing on our new skills to Blake and Bianca, who are so eager and ready to learn. We have come a long way from stick figures in such a short time, which just reaffirms my belief that one can do anything if shown the right tools.Miss Lone Star travels Caribbean

It has been such a treat to have a weekly date with my husband, that includes morning coffee without kids, a couple of hours smearing charcoal on each other’s faces when nobody is looking and recapping our lesson over lunch. It’s a good life.Miss Lone Star travels Caribbean

After being married and divorced, I realize now that no matter how badly you want a relationship to flourish, BOTH people have to work at it together. Marriage is a team sport, period. Above all, don’t take yourself to seriously, it just leaves you open to hurting your own pride and coming across like an ass in the end. I am incredibly thankful that my husbands first knee jerk reaction is to make a joke and give me the benefit of the doubt.Explore-Cuba

Our art class has been a great time to reflect on what is important and the things we are thankful for, for true art is finding beauty in the unexpected. Feeling inspired.First mate

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