Catch of the Day!

Carolina Wren. This angry little guy flew into our house and Blake our three year old helped me chase him around our house for 30 minutes, before he suggest that we use his shark hat to capture the slick bird.

Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren

What would you know, it worked like a charm! As he flew from the upstairs balcony to our kitchen I was able to snag him in the hat without hurting him!

Angry Wren

Angry Wren

We put the squawky guy into our Insect enclosure, for further inspection by Blake and his sister.Austin Photography Miss Lone Star TravelsAfter much protest from the kids we let him go in the front yard. Wish I had that Cubelite right about now, from the Curious Critters workshop!! Blake is now convinced that we should be able to catch one animal a day minimum, for his entertainment. The sun has just hit the top of the trees and I’m off to try and nab us a squirrel.Austin Photography Miss Lone Star Travels

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