Boat Repair Update

Just a couple of weeks now until we set off. We are now just finishing up the “final touches” on the boat, after she was nearly destroyed from the hail storm. The gravity of our move is all becoming more real as each day ends and we are yet another day closer to living aboard Miss Lone Star. 

People have been asking us a lot of questions such as, “what are you going to do with your stuff?”, “where is your first stop?”, “what are you going to do when the weather gets rough?”.  The answer is we are still working a lot of things out and plan to “wing it”, we have done a lot of reading and research, but the fact of the matter is that Robb nor I have ever lived aboard a boat.

So here is a fun fact, I have never even been aboard a vessel at sea for more than 20 minutes (one time) when we went snorkeling.  We know that is going to be a huge learning curve for us in the weeks to come, but we are very ready to embark on this new adventure.

We have now taken 5 car loads of household goods to the women’s shelter, and it feels so good to have LESS and know that we are helping a great cause. Our daughter Bianca is doing rather well surprisingly, as we donate many of her toys. Our son on the other hand who is three, is having a little bit more of a hard time with the idea of giving away ANY toys.


“kids Room”


Above Deck


Open Engine Compartment and missing seats




“Captain’s Quarters”


Above Deck


Cruiser Yacht Stuff we took off of the boat


Kids Room


lounge area



Here are a few “before” images while we work on the boat.  It is out of water and in the boat years for repairs.

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