The Devil is in the Details!

We’ve been dreaming (daily) about the day when we would board our boat and set off towards clear blue water.  I am really happy that the day has almost arrived.  I will be sad to say goodbye to Austin and the Great State of Texas but I am certain that better things await us in the Caribbean.  We still have a small number of things that have to be completed before our departure. I we’ve checked so many things off our lists that it surprises me there is anything left to do.Animal Photogrraphy

I have been obsessed with coordinating the repairs that are ongoing for the boat.  We were very fortunate that we chose the easiest and most reputable boat insurance company for Miss Lone Star.  I can’t say enough about Boat US Insurance company and the overall service we received in handling our claim.  Our repair people have yet to finish any work but as long as they have it prior to our departure, I will be happy.  I have high hopes for our upholstery job and I think our shop will come through in a big way.  Our canvas will just have to get down at a later date because it takes a long time to do custom work.

The boat is a mess and in disrepair but at least we’ve moved everything out of it.  It surprised me that we had two SUV loads of crap to bring home.  Aubrey is in charge of organization and will only allow a certain amount of stuff back on the boat, which is fine by me.  I think I am in charge of finding all of the gadgets that will make our lives easier such as the prized suction cupped heavy-duty rod holder for trolling.  It is pretty snazzy.  I had to work out a solution to overcome the boat’s lack of pole holders because sometimes we plan to slow down to a slower speed so we can catch fish.

I am pretty proud of my new Bison 150 cf. cooler.  I did a lot of research on the Yeti in comparison and I am very happy with the decision to buy an American made product that has a fantastic warranty.  It was about 60% of the price for a Yeti and it seems to have better construction and features.  I ordered it today and it shipped today.  The customer service was fantastic and they even gave me a military discount that almost paid for the shipping cost.  They gave me a coupon code that I could pass along to people for a $15 discount.  I plan to write a review later.

I found a nice guy who wanted to sell me his Achilles RIB dinghy and Honda 9.9 outboard motor.  Strangely, I found this deal on Craigslist and it is located on the water in Galveston Bay.  We will pick it up after we drop our boat in the water and just before we depart for the swamps of Louisiana.  Actually, we don’t plan to go to the swamp in out boat and will settle for the Inter-Coastal Waterway to New Orleans.

After extensive research we chose the DinghyRamp with an extension for the back of the boat.  It will allow us to easily store the tender while we cruise and it launches easily.  I chose it over many others due to the fact that it was reasonably priced and it allowed the boat to be securely fastened to the boat (with motor on tender).  The assembly seems straight forward and simple.  This is another American made product from Michigan.  It ships two weeks from order.  I plan to assemble it and try it out for a while before writing a review.

I am still negotiating with a guy for a portable scuba air compressor to fill my own tanks while we are on the boat.  I’ve found a good model and hope to secure it soon.  The idea is a 5 hp Honda motor that works with a compact compressor that will fill a tank from 0-3000 psi in about 20 minutes.  This little baby will allow for many hours underwater and the lobster are calling, let me tell you!

We chose a good rod and reel combo for trolling and bottom fishing.  I haven’t done any salt water fishing except for charters in my life so I am hopeful.  I plan to get a few different rigs that will accommodate our new salt life!  They are pricey so I plan to wait around until I can find the right deal for my budget.  I’ve got my eye on some really awesome knives that should clean up the fish just right.

I am really looking forward to writing a bunch of product reviews for the interesting things that we chose for the boat.  I know a lot of people who follow this blog would like to see how different items have worked for us.  Living aboard a boat will be a big challenge at times but I am certain that all of the good will outweigh our difficulties.

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