Caught my Husband with 3 Chicks

I knew it all along. I finally caught him with three under age chicks… I knew he was a big softy this whole time no matter what he wanted me to believe.caught my husband

Bianca our six year old and I were at the park when a little boy off in the distance started squealing and poking at something in the grass.  So of course we went to investigate. What we found was one baby bird hopping and hiding in the grass. I picked up the little chick that weight less than a ping pong ball and was no taller than a quarter.

Bianca and I sat down to have a look and to watch for a mother so we could locate it’s nest. When the mother came back she was frantically searching the grass with an insect in its mouth in a different place than we had found the first chick.Carolina Wren Hatchlings

Within a few minutes we had found FOUR Carolina Wrens that had hopped out the nest a bit to early, unfortunately the ant had already killed and began to eat one. So we decided to take the other three home.

Well I learned something that I must have just long forgotten, the little guys need to eat EVERY 20 MINUTES!!!!! They are eating so well I’m sure they will NEVER want to leave!! Carolina Wren Chick

When I was young my mother let me keep any baby animal I wanted in or at the house until it was ready to be released. What a wonderful experience that was for me. Although I’m not raising our kids on a ranch, we will try to keep our eyes peeled for little critters in need:)

Girl and bird

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