User Review: Mustang Survival MIT Automatic Inflatable PFD

Personal flotation devices (PFD) are very important for boaters, especially those who live on the water and cruise daily.  We knew that we wanted to purchased automatic inflatable PFD’s for myself and my wife.  I did a lot of research on various brands and differing features, such as manual versus automatic.

Mustang Survival Automatic Inflatable PFD- MD2016

Mustang Survival Automatic Inflatable PFD- MD2016

We settled upon the Mustang Survival PFD MIT MD2016 Automatic Inflatable PFD.  I got a yellow and gray model and Aubrey got a black and pink one.  We think they are very light and comfortable.  I like the fact that they are easily adjustable and will fell good over clothes or if I don’t have a shirt on.  We will wear them while we are underway.

I read somewhere that the best PFD is the one you are wearing and I believe that to be true.  I feel more confident knowing that the US Coast Guard, military, law enforcement departments and professional fishermen wear this brand.  It made me feel good that the company has been in business for over 45 years and seems to be the industry leader.

I bought ours, on sale at Bass Pro Shops PFD for $129 each.  The retail price is $154 and the recharging CO2 capsule was an additional $60.  A military ID will get you a full 10% discount, which adds up at this store!  I thought it would be a good buy to have one spare in case they are deployed several times.

Mustang Survival Automatic Inflatable PFD- MD2016

Mustang PFD with replacement cartridge

In 2014 there were over 550 boating deaths (reported by the US Coast Guard) where drowning was the cause.  In over 400 cases, the victim was not wearing a floatation device.  In many of the cases, the victim was knocked unconscious and into the water, which would prevent manual floatation for the PFD.  It is easy to draw a conclusion that people should wear an automatic PFD to help preserve life on the water.  It seems like an inexpensive purchase to guard your life.

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