User Review: REI Microfiber Towels

We will soon be living aboard our boat for a few years.  We’ve cleared out all of the old cotton towels from our boat, which was daunting.  I was surprised at the space 10 towels used!  Space is so important when you live aboard a boat and we decided to get rid of everything that didn’t make sense.  Our cotton towels got donated.

REI Microfiber Towel- Living Aboard A Boat

It feels as soft as it looks!

We spent a few weeks trying out microfiber towels made by various brands.  We purchased all of them from REI in Austin.  We were completely with the REI brand of microfiber towels and decided to buy a total of 10 for our boat.  We settled on 4 for outside, 2 for inside showers and 4 for drying dishes.

I am amazed at the size of the unfolded towel compared with the compact folded size.  My wife is a big fan of a big cotton towel but I prefer the feel of the microfiber.  It dried a person just as fast as a shammy used to dry a car.  We chose to replace the cotton ones because the microfiber dries so much faster.

Laundry time will be much easier because they take up almost no space.  We figure that we will re-use the towels many times and wash them about once per week.  The size will allow us to wash them in the sink on the boat or at the laundromat.  Many boaters hang towels on the outside of the boat to dry in the sun.  I remember the last trip to the lake.  It was windy and our towels blew into the water.  I retrieved them after a lot of effort but they didn’t dry until the next day with full sun.  Happily, we can wring out the microfiber towels.

Cost: $25.95 for a beach towel size microfiber towel (XXL), $22.50 for a standard one (XL) and $20.50 for a smaller one (L)

REI Microfiber Towel- Living Aboard A Boat

10 towels stacked up- save space!

REI doesn’t offer a Military discount and we were very disappointed in the return policy.  We tried out several towels, thinking we would return the ones that didn’t work out the best after one use.  REI refused to accept returns, once the product was used.  The employees were pretty rude about stating their policy.  I thought vegetarian, nut-eating nature types were more friendly.  The website states that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The price and quality of the REI brand was sufficient to overcome our disappointment with the return policy.  We plan to write them a letter and don’t plan to buy from them in the future.

We tried a full range of SeaToSummit pocket towels and we were not happy at all.  The cost was much more and they were thin and didn’t feel like there was any substance to the towel.  They absorbed only half the water of an REI towel.  They did not dry as quickly.

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