Stranded on Dry Land and Waiting to Set Off

Waiting sucks! We want to be free like a bird!

Waiting sucks! We want to be free like a bird!

Does anyone else hate waiting as much as me?  We are stranded on dry land and waiting to set course for Florida for the next two weeks.  We have a lot of things to accomplish and we are still waiting for a lot of work to be completed on the boat.  I’ve been contacted by a lot of people who’ve chosen to liveaboard their boats and faced the same frustrating “waiting game.”  In the meantime, we are biding our time wisely by accomplishing too many tasks to list.

We will accept our storage pod from 800PACKRAT tomorrow.  They are delivering a 16x8x8 pod that we will fill with everything we want to keep forever (in storage until we settle down).  I did extensive research on the moving and shipping (storage) option and we think that this is the best option for us.  I plan to take pictures and do a complete review of our experience for others later.  I found the 800PACKRAT option to be the cheapest by over $1000 with everything included.  As many of you know, it is not inexpensive to move and store a lot of contents.  Our shipping cost was $2500 from Austin to Miami, which included a door to door option.  This will save us some money when we settle down and the company will deliver and move the storage unit to our new home once we call them.  I like the idea of not having to pay twice to move it.

I accept delivery of my new DinghyRamp HD on Tuesday.  I will take it to the boat and install it ASAP.  I plan to do a video of the process, which seems easy enough.  I also plan to write a review once I have the chance to try it out.  I think that having an easy lift will make our cruising life much easier.  I’ve read about simple winch systems that can be mounted inside the back storage compartment of the boat and easily installed for less than $200.  I plan to use it manually for a long time before I decide one way or the other.  Does anyone else have experience with these systems?  I would really love to hear from people on this or another issue we are facing!

We are picking up our dinghy and outboard one marina over from where our boat will be dropped off, which should be easy.  I can’t wait to get aboard it and try it out!  Having a RIB tender with a 9.9 hp Honda engine should make our lives a lot easier as we cruise.  Aubrey read that it was recommended that a cruiser should buy the biggest dingy and motor one could afford.  I think we made a good choice and it was a steal on Craigslist!

Aubrey is running around packing up odds and ends that are left in our house, pending the arrival of the POD tomorrow.  I think we’ve gotten rid of everything we don’t need.  We have a few pieces of larger furniture that haven’t sold on Craigslist that we will take to a consignment store.  It is a big pain in the ass but probably worth it.Idea

Aubrey is putting everything we plan to put back on the boat in a vacant room of the house so she can look at it for 10 days.  I think it is a good idea to get a feel for everything you have onboard and she plans to write a list.  She is very organized.  I am buying extra parts for the boat/ mortars. etc.  We will keep that list in our boat log book.  I am really curious if other people have had successful organization strategies for their boats.  Please share anything you feel would help us!

I made a deal with the man who is transporting our boat to trade for the cost of its shipping.  Bartering is a great thing!  Shipping a boat is a big deal and I am really happy that we found a man who is good at his work and will honor the schedule we set.  I got quotes from so many transporters ranging from $2000-5500.  I considered the trip from Austin to Galveston short, but in the shipping world it is not.

I guess it is time for me to stop typing and get to my errands!  Until next time.

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Captain of the Miss Lone Star

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