Sea Sucker Dive Tank and Rod Holder- Unbiased User Review

I just got my new Sea Sucker holders in the mail and I am stoked!  I am trying to keep our gear list minimal for our boat but these items were a necessity.  I had some very specific needs and I found this product by chance on the Internet.  I am so glad I did!

Sea Sucker Vacuum Pole Holders

My shipment of Sea Sucker vacuum holders is in!

Gear storage for a cruising boat is essential.  Everyone works with different spaces and configurations.  I was concerned that what I wanted, didn’t exist and lo and behold I found the amazing company called Sea Sucker!  I immediately bought two dive tank holders, heavy-duty trolling pole holder and horizontal fishing pole holders for the boat.

This company is known for its quality products that use a patented vacuum seal for the suction.

I had a need to store two scuba tanks on the boat but I have space limitations and strange angles.  I’ve seen a lot of products that require screws and I wasn’t thrilled about having to make holes in my boat just to support hardware.  Nobody wants dive tanks rolling around on the deck and sometimes we will encounter rough seas.  We needed something sturdy enough to handle rough conditions.  The dive tank holders are heavy and made with quality materials (made in the USA).  The 6′ suction cup holds 210 lb. (anything) and will be perfect for my tanks.  I can mount them next to each other or on different sides of the boat.  I can change locations easily.  Price: $90.

Sea Sucker Heavy Duty Trolling UnitThe heavy-duty trolling pole holder is really a thing of beauty.  This unit has two 6″ suction cups that will hold a minimum of 420 lbs.  I plan to mount it inside of my cockpit and towards the back of the boat.  I think it will handle anything that I encounter.  I have faith that this pole holder will handle anything the deep blue can throw at me!  I am impressed with the quality construction.  It feels really solid.  Price: $180.

The horizontal pole holder is perfect for the four rigs that I plan to have aboard.  I like it because it will easily fit on my arch, above head.  It has two 4.5″ suction cups and molded inserts for the poles.  It has really solid straps that seal everything in tight.  It is made of good materials and it will not detract from the beauty of our vessel. Price: $140.Sea Sucker Horizontal Pole Holders

I found the best deal on the Internet, being a bargain shopper.  Sea Sucker gives a $10 off coupon if you register for their newsletter.  Shipping costs extra.  Govx is a fantastic online store for current and former government employees.  I encourage anyone register and you will get amazing deals on almost any consumer item.  Shipping is usually free.  I saved about 40% on my order of Sea Suckers and also got free shipping.  Shipping took 4 days.

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