Bubba Blade Knife Review

Cleaning fish is our main priority and it is how we will eat many days on our boat.  I needed to find good knives that would work and last a long time.  I also didn’t want to break our budget in doing so.  I’m happy to say that I found a good solution in the Bubba Blade knife!

Bubba Blade Knife Review

My selection of Bubba Blade Knives!

We will be catching a lot of different fish aboard Miss Lone Star.  A knife is so important and can make your life very hard if you make the wrong choice.  I looked at all of the different products out there and chose this knife company because of its good reputation for ease of use and quality materials.  I found their website through a simple google search and I noticed that they had a lot of products.  It turns out that they are sold at Wal-Mart, Cabelas and through Amazon.  I never noticed them in these stores before my purchase.

The company lists many different attributes of the knife but two features stood out in my research.  The steel is 8CR13MOV. It seems to be the best steel for what fishermen and hunters want. This is a high carbon stainless steel with a Rockwell rating for hardness of 56-58, which is typically found in much more expensive knives.  The handle is full tang blade construction for better balance and weight distribution, with an added thermoplastic polymer handle and wrapped that with a special synthetic rubber made out of the strongest compounds on the market today. The handle is big enough so that you have outstanding grip security, and it feels great in your hand. The handle has multiple thumb and finger positions so you can apply pressure when you need to cut through the tough part of a fish.

Bubba Blade Knife ReviewI chose the 9″ Stiffie, 9″ Flex and the 7″ Tapered Filet knife.  I paid $55 for the two 9″ models and $49 for the 7″ model.  I noticed that the company offered the lowest overall price because of a sale they were running.  Can you imagine the company being cheaper than Amazon?  They gave me a 10% military discount and the shipping ran about $10.  I received the package in 3 days without expediting.  I was impressed with the quality of the knives that I received.

The knives feel solid and the flex blades have the proper amount of give in them.  The 7′ blade has a lot of flex and it will clean most of what we catch, I imagine.  The Stiffie, is just that- Stiff!  I think it will live up to its name and it gets great reviews cutting through the fish and through bones.  I decided to combine all three of these blades and I think it should do the job.

The handles are better than they described and they are really comfortable to hold.  I watched a video of a commercial fisherman using it while he cleaned dozens of fish.  I could see that the comfort in the handle would allow for hours of use.  The knives came with sheaths, which have rivets and seem good enough.  The only drawback that I found with the blades is that they were made in China.  I normally stay away from non Made in the USA when I can, but this seemed to be one of those times to make an exception.

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