How My Crazy Wife Deals With Missed Deadlines and Rude Men

I have been diligent about calling several of our tradespeople to follow-up on the different boat projects.  It never surprises me about how people come up with excuses but we are on a really tight schedule.  Our boat is being pick dup by our transporter on July 14.  There are so many projects that are ongoing and deadlines can’t be missed.  My wife lost it yesterday, but it wasn’t like most wives lose it.  This was different.

My lovely wife and her animal habit..

My lovely wife and her animal habit..

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Advertising says: “delivered in 14 days from order.” It ships in 14 days and then arrives in 19.  Guaranteed arrival deadlines come and go.  A tradesman has 2 months to make repairs as the boat sits in a parking lot for most of it, work takes place on the last week.  It’s just the way things go, when you are fixing a boat in Texas.

I’ve been checking on our upholstery for the last two weeks as the project sat idle in Jose’s shop.  Aubrey made this man make a pinkie swear not to take the work if he couldn’t complete it in time.  I agreed with her sentiment but I didn’t want her to scare him off.  Finally, he shook hands and agreed to deliver our stuff.  This was weeks ago.. He said he was going to have to stop all of his projects to fulfill our deadline.  We were excited.  He gave us a good price.  Everything was going smoothly until yesterday.

This is one of those guy’s who tells you everything about his life.  He is a 60-year-old Cuban who came to Austin years ago and learned his trade on the island.  He is married to a woman who is 20 years old and has a 3 year old kid, look at my pictures, etc.  He repeats himself 8 times and a trip to his shop takes 1 hour.  I’m sure all of our readers who own cruising boats have dealt with the same type of people.  It is a shame that we have to depend on these guys.

I needed Aubrey to play bad cop yesterday and asked her to drop by this guy’s shop to make sure he absolutely understood we only had 5 days left on the project.  He didn’t have enough of our pieces done to reflect an almost done feeling the last time I stopped by.  She ran some errands with our daughter Bianca and came home about dinner time.  Bianca comes in announcing “Mom got a cat.”

Next, I see my wife holding a towel that is making a suspect noise.  “Bianca!  I Told you to let me tell Daddy!

She asked me to not get mad and she explained herself as such:  “I took Joe’s cat.  I went by to check on our upholstery and he yelled at me.  He told me that he didn’t want to see me anymore.  I reminded him of his promise to get it done in time.  He said he would TRY.  The was rude and mean to me.  This cat came up to me rubbing my leg and he said, “that’s my cat.  I love her.”  So, I took his cat.

You have to understand how funny this was in the moment.  My beautiful, very frustrated wife is holding a mangy alley cat with part of one ear with scars earned at the feral cat colony behind this guy’s shop.  The cat has never heard of a vaccination and probably has rabies.  All these wonderful qualities aside, the cat is obviously pregnant.  Such is my life.

She explains the conversation that she had with Jose and I shake my head.  I’m starting to see that my sweet wife believes whole-heartedly in her actions so I don’t lecture or argue.  It’s my fault in the end, anyway.  I knew she was the savior of all things with 4 legs or 2 wings or with a tail.  She’s brought home 4 birds this month alone.  Now, she is an official crazy cat lady.

As strange as it sounds, I think I will get my upholstery on time.  What do you think?

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