It’s Easy To Move When You Don’t Have As Much Stuff

The title for this post seemed Ok as I typed it but instantly knew it was a lie when I reread it!  Moving sucks and there is no getting around it.  I think that it was easier to move our stuff into a1800PACKRAT Pod than a traditional house to house move.  I am sore as all get out, sitting here in the morning after but I feel great about all we’ve accomplished in making our dream a reality.

Moving  into 1800PACKRAT Pod

The thought of moving isn’t as bad when you are done!

Yesterday was kind of surreal.  We woke up and drank our coffee.  Aubrey was sitting on the floor writing in her journal, which is common.  We had happy smiles on our faces.  I made the mistake of saying, “It’s moving day!”  Both of our smiles turned upside down and we started whining at each other, as if we could throw a tantrum and send each other to our rooms.  We got off our bums and dug in because ‘MURICA!

We had already stacked and tied up 3 rows of storage boxes into the pod.  I think I will write a review on the PACKRAT people because the service is really cool and definitely the least expensive option for door to door across the country moves.  The advertisements say that their pods have the biggest interior space and they are new.  Our’s certainly was.  We had given away everything we estimated wouldn’t fit in the container and hoped for the best.IMG_9791

Our friend Joe arrived on time and ready to work, at least that was one out of three people.  We made quick work of moving all of the furniture outside to look at it before loading.  I can tell you that this was the most complex game of Tetris I’ve ever played but it worked out well.  We loaded biggest first and filled in the gaps.  We stacked, shoved and wedged all sorts of our things into their places.  We used drawers of our chests to store many of our pictures.  We wrapped and protected the larger ones and fit them into logical places that will hopefully protect them in their journey to our storage warehouse in Miami.

I was really worried several times in the process of stacking/loading.  I thought to myself several times that all of our things wouldn’t fit (or would be destroyed trying).  Lucky for me, that proved not to be the case and almost everything fit swimmingly.  We packed everything so tightly that we didn’t have to tie many things for security.  I almost lost Aubrey a few times because she wedged herself in strange spaces trying to maximize all of the nooks  of space.

IMG_9788In the end, we got it all loaded up and only had to donate an outdoor table set that wouldn’t fit.  I wish I sold it at the garage sale as I would’ve made a few bucks but what the heck.  This was the first time I’ve ever tried to stuff 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag without breaking anything.  The door to the pod shut on its own, surprisingly.  It only took about 4 hours to load the pod using three people as labor.

Our attention has turned to cleaning up our mostly vacant house and waiting for some movers to pick up a few things going to the consignment shop on Tuesday.  Aubrey’s attention is on the back of her eyelids right now and I think I’ve tired her out.  Maybe she won’t be as pesky when se awakes?  The pod is picked up Monday.  We’ve still got a lot of odds and ends to install into our boat and of course we still have to move all of our belongings onto it just before we leave.  I feel great about our progress!  I just realized I forgot to serve lunch to Joe the mover.  Oops!

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