Kliebert’s is the Absolute Best Alligator Farm in New Orleans!

Aubrey definitely wrestled a few gators!

Aubrey definitely wrestled a few gators!

All of you know how addicted my lovely wife Aubrey is to catching animals so we had to find the absolute best alligator farm in New Orleans to indulge her. We did just that and found a place outside of New Orleans called Kliebert’s in Hammond, LA.  We are so glad we made the drive because the experience was made our entire trip, even if we don’t do anything else.Kliebert's Alligator Farm New Orleans

The marina hof so many animals that you would never expect to see at an alligator farm.  The farm is the longest running in Louisiana and possibly the USA.  It is nice and clean and all of the people are so friendly.  The cost is so low, something like $48 for 4 of us after my military discount.  It was worth five times as much as that, easily.  Hammond Alligator Farm

The Marina had a loaner truck that we borrowed to make the 1 hour drive to Hammond, LA.  We stopped in town and ate the best Po Boy catfish sandwiches we will likely ever eat.  We ate at Noon and I am still full at 10P, probably because I ordered an additional one after the first was so good!  We made it to the farm just in time for the tour.New Orleans Gator Experience

Harvey Kliebert founded Kliebert’s Alligator Farm in 1957 and it is now run by his Grandson, T Mike.  We took the tour and that was really cool but it was the extra (many hours extra) time that T Mike spent with us that made the visit so worth while.  Aubrey got her fill  T Mike is a regular on Swamp People and several other shows.  This is his life and he loves it.

We saw big gators, small gators, nutria, crocodiles, snakes, alligator turtles, fox, macaw, chickens and all sorts of farm animals.  Bianca made light work of catching her own chicken when the tour started and kept it throughout (including in the shop at the end).  Blake rode and kissed a few gators and played with T Mike’s puppy.  Aubrey held EVERYTHING!  The trip was for her and she took full advantage of it.  We saw “Crush” a 1200 lb 15 foot gator and watched him eat.  That was cool!

I got to hold and learn about all of the animals and I loved every minute of it.  Aubrey and I liked it so much that we will likely be back in September for an alligator hunt with T Mike for her birthday.  I’ve got an idea for a gator skin seat cover for my Harley and I know just the guy to help me get it!  I can’t say enough about the warm hospitality of T Mike and all of the people.  We felt like family and we spent something like 5 hours there.  I barely got Aubrey to leave but she got in the truck just as we were pulling away.  She must love me..New Orleans Baby AlligatorsNew Orleans AlligatorsD94A7984T Mike Kliebert AlligatorAubrey HamicRobb Hamic

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