Louisiana ICW to Houma, Louisiana

The kids and their good pal Jo Jo in Houma, LA.

The kids and their good pal Jo Jo in Houma, LA.

We left early in the morning and in better order than the prior morning, which delighted me.  I was happy to say goodbye to Intercostal City!  We untied and went one dock over to Shell Morgan Landing to  top off with gas, which was good because we’d ran the generator for 30 hours since our last fill up.  We made much better fuel usage coming in because I dropped the engine RPM’s to 3050.

We filed up with 120.8 gallons and only paid $2.80.  I was told that this was the cheapest gas on the ICW and I believe it.  It should be noted that the owner of the fuel station has two tie up spots that he allows cruisers to hook up to anytime.  He closed the station the prior day because his Dad passed on and didn’t let us know when we called to let him know we’d be stopping in.  The hook ups are 30 amp and there is water at the station.  Really nice guy, by the way.

The biggest baby aroundWe motored on down the line and quickly passed through the Bayou Beef Lock, which was easy.  We floated through with no problems and no time ups.  We radioed ahead to open the pontoon bridge after the lock and that was cool.  We made Morgan City in what felt like little time at all.  The ICW gets really big here.  We made a turn north to fill up just up the river, which held a current of about 3 knots.  Gas was $3.07 and I didn’t really need it but I thought it better to be on the safe side of the river.  They raised a rail road bridge so we could enter and that was interesting to watch.

We headed east  on the ICW and things got somewhat prettier.  We were really happy to pull into one of our favorite marinas at City Park in Houma, LA.  There are only two spots but they are really accommodating.  You call ahead the the harbor master and he met us there in a couple shakes.  We tied up along their dock, which is a short 1/2 mile walk into town.  There are 50 and 30 amp hook ups, water and even a pump out.  The cost was only $25.  The best part was a nice dock and a huge park under the shaded bridges right next to the boat.  The kids loved it.D94A7454

We walked into town to eat and get some ice.  It was blistering hot at about 100 that felt like 120.  Onyx the dog was happy to find a air conditioned spot where we dined on bacon fried Mac N Cheese and some sort of completely delicious french fries with chicken, blue cheese and a special sauce.  The kids had fun letting off some steam in the AC.  The ice half melted not eh walk back but it cooled down our cooler just the same.

We were sitting in the park when some kids came up to see Onyx.  She has so many fans.  We sat there for hours talking to Jo Jo, Derek and KK.  Great kids.  Jo Jo, who was a very big boy became Blake’s personal bodyguard around the park and wounding’ let anyone mess with him.  Derek told us (mainly Aubrey) everything about Back Ops and all the shows he was watching on TV.  He wants to be a pro football player or a video game designer.  Aubrey taught them all how to throw a fishing net.  They all caught fish but we didn’t see any gators.

D94A7452We spoke to about two dozen people in Houma and they were all delightful and fun to get to know.  We thought we might stay an extra day but we opted for making New Orleans the next day so we said so long.

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