Louisiana ICW to New Orleans

Aubrey can net fish like a true bad ass!

Aubrey can net fish like a true bad ass!

We set off a little late at 10:30AM but we got off just the same.  The boat was clean and polished and we had plenty of fuel to make it.  The day passed much faster than the previous ones.  I called ahead and booked a slip in the Seabrook Marina on the Industrial Canal, just east of the lake.

We were zipping alone for the entire ride but things got really interesting as we got closer to New Orleans.  There is apparently a spot, that no one can see on the map where a coonass lives in an RV on blocks just shy of the banks of the ICW.  He is a mean coon ass and he looks like Popeye.  I had my trusty video camera out as the scenes flew by then I heard a bunch of hollering and what I thought was a gun shot.  Kind of hard to mistake, when you are me.  I immediately slowed and moved the engines to idle.  “What could be the matter,” I thought to myself.

I look over and see Popeye the coonass in metal jon-boat and he was holding his fist in the air.  He was shaking it, intermittently with flipping me the bird.  About 5 of his kin were scampering somewhere between the RV- clothes line and the skiff that was revving.  It all seemed to be a mistake and strange, at the same time.  These guys were mad and wanted to kick my ass, there was no mistake.  It was comical at the same time.

I yelled, “sorry.”  I assumed that I did something that pissed them off and they wanted to try to board Miss Lone Star like some old school river pirates (my assumption).  Popeye replied, “get over here!” as he kept shaking that fist.  His kin continued scampering to the boat but couldn’t get aboard because of my 3 foot wake that was overtaking the 12 foot boat.  “I didn’t see your house or boat,” was my response.  “Get overhear asshole,” was his response.  “Fuck no,” was mine.  I figured that it was time to figure some things out.  Aubrey comes up an assesses the situation.  She looks at me for the second time on this trip asking “should I get the guns?” with her eyes.  I say not yet with mine.  I continued idling alone to make sure there were no further houses or kin upstream.

The boat never pulled out, which was a good thing because in the midst of all of mine and Popeye’s exchanges one of his kin said he was going to kill me, thus expressing his intent to do me in.  I figured, worst case would be that they would give chase as fast as a supped up 20 hp Mercury could run and possibly pull alongside me, if they used nitrous.  If that were the case, they would’ve gotten a warning spray of 5.56 bullets (silenced) off their bow.  I would assume that would be enough, but hell this is Louisiana who the fuck knows.  I’m happy to report that they let us be and we kicked it back up to a smooth 26 knot cruising speed with no further incident.

I saw two bald eagles just outside of Houma and the trees are gorgeous.  We passed the most beautiful swamps I’d seen thus far.  Traffic was light and barges were easily passed.  We didn’t see another pleasure vessels.  We are the only pleasure vessel that has been on the ICW so far.

We made it to the Harvey Lock at 2PM.  We got though in just less than an hour and I have to say that it was supremely impressive how we were transported up 5 feet before entering the Mississippi River!  We exited and saw that the river was running about 50 feet over its banks with a 20 knot current.  We watched as the biggest transportation ship You ever say booked it down the river going 25 knots.  That river is so amazing in its strength.  We made it to the Industrial Lock and waited for about 2 hours to pass though, down 5 feet this time.

We made it to our marina and it was really nice.  We’ve travelled 370 miles so far.  We got a long slip.  They have a nice loaner truck to use for errands and great facilities.  The laundry room is nice with new appliances and the showers are clean.  The people are warm and friendly.  I would definitely stay here again.  We stayed 4 nights total and explored the city and the surrounding areas, as much as we could.  Tomorrow we are off to Dauphin Island, Alabama.

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