No Pants No Deadlines

We get up when the light coming throughout he porthole above our bed is blazing  through our eyelids, usually about 6:30. I rarely wear pants anymore and I’m never late, I just don’t have anywhere to be. I’m off the daily pot (or two of coffee) but not by my own choice, it’s just to hot to have more than a cup. Aside from my new nemesis Franklin the Pelican that sits on the bow staring at me, judging me, life is good. I don’t know why he stares he isn’t wearing any pants either.IMG_0190

Some things haven’t changed, Blake is still up by 7 making demands and listing off the things that he forgot to tell me that he destroyed yesterday such as “Sister and I added little crabs to all sister’s body spray” “I pooped and now the toilet is angry” or “Have you seen my fish? I lost him in my room before dinner…”D94A8614 D94A8609

Bianca is doing a tour of what we call “timeouts around the world.D94A8390

Over the past month we have really started to learn how to live and feel like we are living. The kids haven’t watched any kind of TV or video games in over two weeks. Our fun consist of collecting and identifying local wildlife and they love it.Hopper on a Leash-Recovered

There are defiantly some down sides.. We have to hunt down a marina that has washer and dryers and just hope that the dryer works. The galley burner takes a short 45 minutes to brown ground beef and our freezer is the size of a shoe box. That is no exaggeration!

Naughty children cannot be ignored which in the long run is probably a good thing, but in the short term drives both Robb and I nuts! The internet is a little dodgy and the sunsets are nightly and never missed, so just like anything else in life there are trade offs. We are almost a full month in and I am still feeling good about our choice to be a live aboard family.IMG_0301-Edit

4 thoughts on “No Pants No Deadlines

  1. Hey — great to see the adventure is actually unfolding now. Interesting read — your husbands account reminds me of the old film deliverance – passing thru inbreed backcountry. Hope it all stays safe and happy. Recommend you check wind forecast web sites like “windguru” to get the heads up on safety on the water.

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    • We have so many pictures of the little ones on timeouts in spectacular places. Yesterday it was in an estuary surrounded by white sand beaches that the little ones got their sit downs. Blake was screaming about the crabs he just threw down and lost in a tide pool and I can’t remember what got Bianca in her troubles. Kids..

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