Cabbage Key to Marco Island Florida- Welcome to a Big Florida Town

We departed from Cabbage key late at about Noon and we had to get some expensive fuel in Sanibel Florida on the way out into open water.  We plan to visit Cabbage Key again together with Big Pine Island and Boca Grande but it was time to bid the area farewell.  We cruised down the ICW to Sanibel and we saw huge Yachts and lots of other boats in the area.  It was beautiful but very congested.  The channel was wider than we found so far and well-marked.

We entered open water before Ft. Myers and we could see the huge buildings and throngs of people on the shores.  We were glad that we wouldn’t be stopping for a neon t-shirt and continued South, offshore 3-9 miles.  One large city combined with another and so one until we got to Marco Island.  I heard that it was once a quint little place but that is no longer the case.  Naples comes before and you can’t really discern one from the next.  The water is pretty but not as pretty as many of the places we visited.  The boat traffic is significant, for cruising anyway.

The entrance to Marco Island Channel is horrible and if you aren’t a local it is hard to navigate.  Two channels converge at the entrance to the gulf and their is a shoal or two in the middle.  We needed to be on the starboard channel which required us to take a few directional changes to navigate it correctly.  The no wake zone takes you a long time to traverse and we stayed at the Rose Marina, which was good for one night only.  The marina was a concrete jungle and the only tuft of grass was wild and grew in a 3×3 foot patch close to the full dock.  Onyx graced it with her paws and I have  feeling that she killed a good amount of it with her female dog pee.  They gave us a nice BoatUS discount on the slip and we hooked up to the power so we could blast the AC and go below deck for a cool off.  There was nothing to see topside and the entire area was unremarkable in my opinion.

We recharged our batteries and took refuge from the sun.  Anticipation was building for us because we knew that we only had one more travel day, God willing.

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