Miss Lone Star Travels to Florida through Alabama- Episode 5

We had been dreaming about blue water since we boarded our boat.  I had been predicting that maybe, the next day we would see it.  Aubrey and the kids started to doubt me!  We passed into Pensacola Bay Florida and we got our blue water!  We were so happy!   Our son started to finally catch fish and it changed his life.  Our daughter started to find large amounts of shells and she was beaming with pride.  Aubrey had a few dozen more critter captures and I finally had blue water to swim in!

I Wiped My Butt and Touched It, I Used Toilet Paper and It Didn’t Work; I Got Poop On My Hand and Now the Sink Doesn’t Work..

The kids with their official boat uniforms!

The kids with their official boat uniforms!

Our kids light our lives and make our heart’s happy.

This was Blake’s quote of the day, that just happened now.  The great thing about living on a boat with your family is you get to enjoy every little bit of everything and it is all so real.  I’ve got to love my little man because all he thinks about is fishing.  The wakes up and starts fishing (he’s 3).  He fishes until we tell him to stop and we are driving the boat or doing something else.  He fishes before and after his nap and until the sun goes down, sometimes after.  He takes his pole with him when we ride in the dinghy and he would take it with us when we ride the bus.  He catches 8-25 fish per day and he consumes a majority seafood diet.  We think he was made for the water.

Bianca is another story.  It’s about 45 minutes till sunset and she is singing “la cucaracha” on the dock while she cleans all of her seashells that she located today.  We found a great number in a bird estuary that we reached via our dinghy and some impressive driving by the Captain.  It was only 1.5 feet in most places be somehow we found a way to get into those beaches.  B wandered around and found so many great shells.  She found several sea scallops (with live meat) and a living clam.  We almost had enough for dinner but left them for the birds because we’ve had steak sitting in the cooler for 4 nights and it was high time to eat it after high tide came in.  Anyway, this girl is a mermaid and she believes that they are real.  Christmas still exists on our boat in so many ways. Continue reading

User Review: Brute Bison 150 Cooler

I saw the UPS mail delivery email confirmation on my computer.  It read “left at door.”  I felt like a kid chasing after Santa as I opened my door to see the Brute Bison 150 Qt. Cooler.  It was massive.  It was majestic.  And it was mine!  How could a guy get so excited about the purchase of normal, day-to-day type of item?

King Kong doesn't have sh!$ on the Brute Bison 150 Qt. Cooler

King Kong doesn’t have sh!$ on the Brute Bison 150 Qt. Cooler

The Bison 150 Qt. Cooler is massive and it weighs about 100 lbs. empty.  This may sound like a hinderance but I look it as a benefit because of the sound and solid construction.  I saw an advertisement on the company page where they put the Bison 150 under a front truck tire and it kept its shape.  I thought that they must’ve filled it with concrete, when I saw it the first time.  I had to see this cooler in action.  I stood atop its frame and jumped up as high as I could.  Surprisingly, I landed without crack or dent to the cooler.  I repeated this exercise a half-dozen times with the same result. Continue reading

5 Easy Ways To Spoil Your Wife

It is a good idea to spoil your wife, as it has always been.  I like to spoil Aubrey with my time, love thoughtfulness and small things to let her know I care.  I decided to write this journal because I wanted to give the guys out there a few ideas.  It is easy to lose sight of the little things after getting married but any relationship will fare better with small amounts of thoughtful attention.

Let Her Take Nap

I am happy to say that my wife is taking a nap on the couch right now.  I feel triumphant because I wrangled the normally loud kids into doing quite things so that she can catch up on her ZZZ’s.  I like to set up projects that the kids can do or assign activities for them in areas where the sound doesn’t bother her too much.  It usually works.

Clean The Disheshibiscus flower

This seems simple enough but I know I’ve been guilty of looking at dinner dishes in contempt.  Who wants to clean dishes after making dinner?  I know I don’t and neither does she.  It always surprises me how I hear “thanks” as I am at the sink after dinner.  I hear the tone of her voice change when she speaks and it lets me know that I have done something to make her happy.  It’s not dinner time but I fully intend on doing the dishes tonight to show my appreciation her time in the kitchen. Continue reading