Liveaboard Lifestyle: Plans Can Change Quickly..

Miss lone Star Reaches FloridaWe’ve been living aboard our boat for 9 weeks and counting and we’ve learned that our plans change quickly with no notice.  For example, we planned to leave to anchor out yesterday morning.  We didn’t leave for an unknown reason but we though we would leave today.  It didn’t happen for some unexplained reason.  I don’t even know what we will be doing for the rest of the day but not to worry.  We don’t care.

Don’t worry, we haven’t decided to make any rash decisions like: living on dry land.  We love our life and wouldn’t change anything except being out alone more often.  We officially put our boat on the market yesterday and hopefully it sells.  We really want to get a trawler so we can use less gas and have more range and living space.  We are looking hard for a 3 stateroom model so we have a space for Aubrey’s Mom and our friends.  We’ve met a lot of friends who are teachers and the thought occurred to us that we could have people come out to tutor the kids and supplement their education.  We are not opposed to running some liveaboard charters or diving trips so the space could be really nice.  We are trying not to spend too much time browsing boats but we made an appointment to see a few tomorrow so we could get the feel for them in person.

We’ve all decided that we would love to make more of a long-term lifestyle of living aboard.  We’ve expanded our outlook to 5-7 years- at least.  It is impossible for any of us to think about what it was like to live in a big city house.  Our lives are so much better now!

I start my Instructor Development Course (IDC) for scuba diving soon and I will be pretty busy for a couple of weeks.  I look forward to getting certified to teach and doing a lot more diving.  A lot of our friends are planning visits.  Hopefully, they like close quarters.

Liveaboard Lifestyle- The Actual Costs Of Cruising

Liveaboard Lifestyle The Actual Cost of CruisingWe get hundreds of comments and questions from people and families who are considering the liveaboard lifestyle.  They want to know what it costs.  We decided to write a journal about our experiences of the last two months aboard to give our perspective.

We planned to save money while we cruised and we chose to make our life change for money and family reasons.  How has it worked out?  On the family side, very well.  We spend more time together than ever and we are all very happy on the water.  We travelled for about a month to make it 1250 miles from Galveston, TX to the Florida Keys.  We rented a slip in a nice marina until December until we can cruise to Cuba and beyond.  The Florida Keys is a wonderful place for our family and we are happy.  The kids haven’t watched TV or videos in more days than I can count and many of the dry land habits have escaped them.  We haven’t heard them saying: “I’m bored” since we moved aboard, which is a 100% change from our life in suburbia. Continue reading

Video Episode 3- The Intercostal (ICW) into New Orleans- Day 4 of our Travels

This next episode was day 4 of our travels and you can already see the relief in my eyes, as the boat captain.  I was a little more confident but still giddy like a kid (or Quagmire from Family Guy- giggidy giggidy).  We came through the dreaded city of Intercostal City, LA and into Houma.  It was nice in its own way but it was hot as the Sahara. We met some cool kids and had fun at the city marina, by our lonesome- but it was time to go.

The Intercostal was unremarkable until Morgan City, LA- where it got beautiful.  We saw bald eagles, bogs, swamps and tall trees.  The ICW came together with a river and it was big.  We mooted on towards New Orleans and I hoped, against hope, that we could get through the locks and make it to our marina by night-fall.  We did and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Up and down by 12-15 feet and through the Mississippi was something I will remember forever.  It had a 20 knot current and was over its banks by 50 feet on that day.  It was massive and scary but we made it down the lock to the marina, where we resided for 4 days.  We explored, rode the trolly cars and went to an alligator farm in Hammond.  It was still hot but we didn’t care and the French Quarter was much more tolerable with Onyx leading us.

This is a true account of our travels.

Stranded on Dry Land and Waiting to Set Off

Waiting sucks! We want to be free like a bird!

Waiting sucks! We want to be free like a bird!

Does anyone else hate waiting as much as me?  We are stranded on dry land and waiting to set course for Florida for the next two weeks.  We have a lot of things to accomplish and we are still waiting for a lot of work to be completed on the boat.  I’ve been contacted by a lot of people who’ve chosen to liveaboard their boats and faced the same frustrating “waiting game.”  In the meantime, we are biding our time wisely by accomplishing too many tasks to list.

We will accept our storage pod from 800PACKRAT tomorrow.  They are delivering a 16x8x8 pod that we will fill with everything we want to keep forever (in storage until we settle down).  I did extensive research on the moving and shipping (storage) option and we think that this is the best option for us.  I plan to take pictures and do a complete review of our experience for others later.  I found the 800PACKRAT option to be the cheapest by over $1000 with everything included.  As many of you know, it is not inexpensive to move and store a lot of contents.  Our shipping cost was $2500 from Austin to Miami, which included a door to door option.  This will save us some money when we settle down and the company will deliver and move the storage unit to our new home once we call them.  I like the idea of not having to pay twice to move it. Continue reading