It’s Easy To Move When You Don’t Have As Much Stuff

The title for this post seemed Ok as I typed it but instantly knew it was a lie when I reread it!  Moving sucks and there is no getting around it.  I think that it was easier to move our stuff into a1800PACKRAT Pod than a traditional house to house move.  I am sore as all get out, sitting here in the morning after but I feel great about all we’ve accomplished in making our dream a reality.

Moving  into 1800PACKRAT Pod

The thought of moving isn’t as bad when you are done!

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Getting Nervous! 1 Week Until We Depart!

I am writing this with a few butterflies in my stomach and thinking about our departure in eight short days!  It is hard to believe that our dream has almost come true!  We are really looking forward to our trip and getting underway.  I am personally looking forward to saying good-bye to a house payment and all of the utilities that come with it.  I realize that we will be trading some expenses for an increased cost of fuel for a while but our monthly savings will be huge for us.Star Fist on St. Croix, USVI

It still astounds me that we could save money while living and cruising our boat to new and exciting places.  I was dreaming about catching fish from our boat last night.  We ate fish tacos and tired out another fish sauce that Aubrey has perfected.  I expect that we will be eating a lot of fish each week.  I will be happy to say good-bye to that expense too.  Grocery store fish and lobster sucks and it costs too much!

The price of gas on the ocean is much better than inland: $3.79 per gallon!

We have just a few last things to sell and we are almost completely packed.  Our storage pod is loaded with all of the non furniture stuff we had in the house.  Aubrey has packed the kitchen up completely and our closets have nothing in them.  Aubrey was a good girl and really got rid of a lot of stuff.  She only took two large boxes of clothes and 1 box of shoes.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she hid a box or tow that she didn’t tell me about in the pod when I wasn’t looking.

We are waiting patiently on the upholstery guy and I plan to stalk him later today.  The boat repair yard doesn’t have that much stuff to do before the boat is detailed.  I spoke to the transporter and I think he will be on time.  He knows that if he misses the date, we will have to stay in a hotel and I hope he knows the kids would drive us crazy.

I guess it is about time to schedule our utilities to be turned off and forward the mail.  I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime but it’s never made me so nervous.

Stranded on Dry Land and Waiting to Set Off

Waiting sucks! We want to be free like a bird!

Waiting sucks! We want to be free like a bird!

Does anyone else hate waiting as much as me?  We are stranded on dry land and waiting to set course for Florida for the next two weeks.  We have a lot of things to accomplish and we are still waiting for a lot of work to be completed on the boat.  I’ve been contacted by a lot of people who’ve chosen to liveaboard their boats and faced the same frustrating “waiting game.”  In the meantime, we are biding our time wisely by accomplishing too many tasks to list.

We will accept our storage pod from 800PACKRAT tomorrow.  They are delivering a 16x8x8 pod that we will fill with everything we want to keep forever (in storage until we settle down).  I did extensive research on the moving and shipping (storage) option and we think that this is the best option for us.  I plan to take pictures and do a complete review of our experience for others later.  I found the 800PACKRAT option to be the cheapest by over $1000 with everything included.  As many of you know, it is not inexpensive to move and store a lot of contents.  Our shipping cost was $2500 from Austin to Miami, which included a door to door option.  This will save us some money when we settle down and the company will deliver and move the storage unit to our new home once we call them.  I like the idea of not having to pay twice to move it. Continue reading